Customer Reviews


I received ginger and lemon in my October box from zenastion wellness collection and omg definitely the best tea I have ever had. I can't wait to order more. Thank you for bringing my taste buds to life.


Best tea in town, as well as the amazing staff. I was feeling unwell last weekend and Dani and Shelley brewed me up some amazing tea to help me feel better. Thanks ladies for the great tea and wonderful, friendly service!


The Cup of Happiness blend is just that ... my happy place at the end of a day. I am a teaaholic and try teas everywhere I roam but I have to say the best teas are right here at .....TotaliTea!


Who knew that hubs had such a sweet spot for light fruity teas? Well, he does and we constantly stock our cupboard at home with a very diverse selection of tea. I like to browse Totalitea and look for new sweet flavours to bring him. If it tastes like peaches or candy he's in.  The strawberry lemonade tea was a huge hit when I brought it home! Whenever I'm picking up items at the market it's nice to browse and see what flavours are there.


Delicious. I go there regularly and the staff are always helpful and nice but my favourite thing is they can make any one of their teas into ice tea in the summer. Again, delicious!


I've always been satisfied with the friendly service at both locations. With an endless line of tea combinations and supplies, you will always find more than you're looking for.